Awards (Click on Name of Award for more Information)

Senator Peter B. Boorsma Award (International)

Chair: Rex Facer (UT)
Dan Lasseter (GA)
M. Jae Moon (ASPA Intl Director)

Morris W. H. Collins Award (Doctoral Student Paper)

Chair: Luke Fowler (GA)
Jody Holland (MS)
Kalu N. Kalu (Al)
Kathleen Hale (Al)

Robert L. Kline Award (Masters’ Student Paper)

Chair: Akhlaque Haque (AL)
John Kiefer (LA)
Shannon Vaughan (KY)

Donato J. Pugliese Award (Service to SECoPA)

Chair: Phin Xaypangna (NC)
Dorothy Norris-Tirrell (FL)
Terry Murphy (FL)

Distinguished Public Service Practitioner Award

Chair: Frank Fusco (SC)
Calvin Sims (GA)
Lisa Cameron (GA)
Anne Osborne Kilpatrick (SC)


Chair: Dan Lasseter (GA)
Roslyn Alic-Batson (FL)
Kenneth Hunter (NC)
Matthew L. Howell (KY)
Casey Seidman (FL)


Chair: Anne Osborne Kilpatrick (SC)
Jody Holland (MS)
Kathy Hensley (SC)
Linda McNish
Donna Handley (AL)
Ed Jennings (KY)
Dorothy Norris-Tirrell (FL)
Joy A Clay (TN)

Finance (Click Here for Policies)

Chair: Glenn Joseph (FL)
Ines Beecher (FL)
Jody Holland (MS)
Kathy Hensley (SC)


Chair: Will Hatcher (GA)
Jo Ann Ewalt (SC)
Roslyn Alic-Batson (FL)
Anne Osborne Kilpatrick (SC)


Chair: Kim Hoffman (AK)
Kathy Hensley
Steven Bobes (FL)
Joy A Clay (TN)

Site Selection

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Chair: Suzanne Leland (NC)
Bill Solomon (FL)
Eddie French (MS)
Nick Swartz (VA)

2016 Conference Committee

Chair: Jerrell Coggburn (NC)
James Svara (NC)
James Brunet (NC)

Conference Guidelines Task Force

Chair: Bill Solomon (FL)
Shannon Vaughan (KY)
Phin Xaypangna (NC)
Lore Naylor (MD)
Lisa Gittner (TX)

SECoPA Chapters Task Force

Chair: Eddie French (MS)
Dan Lasseter (GA)
Jody Holland (MS)

Policy Advocacy Task Force

Chair: Calvin Sims (GA)
Terry Murphy (FL)
Joy Clay (TN)
Sheri Empeno (CA)

SECoPA/MOU Task Force

Chair: Tom Barth (NC)
Kim Hoffman (AK)
Sandy Ribando (GA)
Ines Beecher (FL)
Phin Xaypangna (NC)


Nominations Committee Guidelines and Procedures

The nominations committee generally consists of three people appointed by theSECoPA chair, two of whom are usually on the Board of Directors or former members of the Board. The third member is an at-large member of SECoPA.  The committee chair should be a current or former SECoPA Board member.

Committee Chair:
The committee chair is responsible for having a clear understanding of which board or officer slots are vacant in the upcoming year.  The Board consists of 12 members, with 4 Officers.  Every year, the Chair-Elect will be a vacant position that must be filled, along with the 4 second year board slots (terms are two years, and board members generally rotate off the board after their second year), and any officer slots that are announced as vacant in the previous year.

The committee chair should ask the nominations committee and the Board of Directors for recommendations for the Board vacancies.  When considering nominees, the committee should seek to provide a broad representation of the geographical states that are members of SECoPA, as well as a mix of diverse individuals that would strengthen and provide efficient service to the organization.

Prior to contacting the slate of selected nominees, the committee chair should obtain a consensus from the nominations committee, and consult with the Chair, past Chair and incoming Chair.

Once a consensus is obtained, the committee chair can contact the nominees by either email or telephone to request that they serve on the Board.  A “slate” should be completed and provided to the entire Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting.

The committee chair should also be sure to invite “new” board members to the “new board” meeting, which is held at the annual meeting.

Other nominees should be included in a list that is sent to the Chair in order to include them in other SECoPA committee assignments.  This is a great idea for newer members of SECoPA in order to introduce them to the organization and to enable them to get involved.

(Approved by SECoPA Board October 5, 2005)